Medically Supervised Weight Loss


Make a commitment to weight loss with Cornerstone Wellness Center. There are hundreds of fad diets on the market these days, multiple weight-loss programs, and scams that often promise quick and easy weight loss solutions. However, the foundation to successful, lasting weight loss remains a healthy, calorie-controlled diet combined with exercise and an overall healthy lifestyle. For weight loss success and a long-term weight loss, it is necessary that you make permanent changes in your way of life and start making health conscious habits.

Lasting weight loss requires significant investment and exertion — and a lifelong commitment. Verify that you’re prepared to start permanent improvements and changes–and that you want to do it for the right reasons.

To stay focused on your weight reduction, you have to be focused. It takes a ton of mental and physical vitality to change your habits. So as you’re planning new lifestyle changes, make a plan to address different stressors throughout your life first, for example, financial problems or relationship conflicts. While these burdens might never go away totally, overseeing them better ought to enhance your ability to focus on attaining a healthier way of life. Then, once you’re ready to launch your weight-loss plan, set a start date and then — begin.


  • Find your inward inspiration – nobody else can make you ultimately shed pounds.

  • Build a support team of people who will listen to you, spend time exercising with you, and share in your priorities.
  • Set realistic objectives and goals.
  • Cornerstone’s integrated approach includes laser therapy, nutrition consultants, and a custom weight loss plan.

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