Spinal Decompression

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Experience Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression is a series of exercises, spinal mobilization techniques, and rehabilitation procedures designed to retrain neuromuscular control of the spine and posture. Spinal decompression patients will also be taught techniques to use at home for more extensive, self-rehabilitation.

Cornerstone Wellness Centers use the Pettibon Spinal Rejuvenation Table (PSRT) at all our locations in Mesa, Gilbert, and Scottsdale. The PSRT is integral to effective treatment. The PSRT combines the force of gravity with vibration to exercise the heart muscle along with rehabilitating the spine.

  • A completely safe procedure that provides patients with a comfortable and effective experience.

  • Spinal decompression restores proper function to an injured disc by moving the disc bulges and herniations back into the center of the disc.

  • Oxygen, water, nutrients and other healing substances are brought back into place with spinal decompression.

  • With successful decompression treatment, the disc will remain healthy even after treatment has been completed.