Metabolic Disorder Treatments


Cornerstone Wellness Center offers metabolic disorder treatments. By definition, metabolism is the breaking down of food into its basic components of proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates (sugars).

At a cellular level, metabolism involves the processing and use of these basic nutrients so our bodies stay energized and alive. A metabolic disorder occurs when these normal processes become disrupted. It is a type of hormonal disorder. While many metabolic disorders are caused by genetics, they also develop during a person’s lifetime. For instance, Type II diabetes falls into that category, and it affects roughly 26 million Americans, according to the U.S. A. Center for Disease Control.


  • Metabolic Disorder Risk Factors: A large waistline, high triglyceride levels, low HDL cholesterol levels, and high blood pressure are common risk factors.

  • Drug-Free Treatments: Cornerstone Wellness Center is dedicated to finding drug-free treatments for metabolic disorders and focused on safely reducing your need for prescription drugs while improving the health and quality of living through healthy eating and reducing stress.

  • High Blood Pressure: A primary cause of high blood pressure is being linked to the phenomena of metabolic syndrome and in many instances is a lifestyle-based problem. Cornerstone will take a holistic approach to adding health to your life to protect your heart and kidneys.

  • Blood Sugar: Pre-diabetes and diabetes type 2 are a reversible disease and a component of the silent inflammatory disease called metabolic syndrome. With proper care, medications can be safely reduced as the patient’s body returns to  healthy hormonal activity.

  • Cholesterol: Cholesterol can be good for you body and is an important balance. There are two kinds of cholesterol that should be monitored because irregular cholesterol levels are a contributing culprit in the development of coronary heart disease and other vascular problems. Cornerstone works to address these metabolic disorders naturally through lifestyle changes, clinical nutrition, botanical medicine and other modalities.
  • Weight Loss: Today, one in three adults are affected by metabolic disorders and central obesity is a leading factor. Weight loss will help improve the metabolic syndrome state. There are many issues to address weight loss and Cornerstone Wellness will develop a personalized program using prescription medical foods and approaches.

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