Treating Hormonal Disorders

Don’t let hormonal disorders disrupt your life. If you suffer from heavy or difficult periods, PMS, or infertility, you are not alone.

Cornerstone Wellness Center is committed to finding natural ways to help treat many of the symptoms associated with hormonal issues that may cause problems during the menstrual cycle, as well as issues leading to infertility.

Our treatments focus on safely reducing your need for prescription drugs while improving your health and quality of living.

Hormonal Disorders Therapy Mesa AZ
  • PMS: Normal menstruation should be regular and painless and should not involve excessive bleeding, moodiness, or acne. If your periods have any of these negative characteristics, consider naturopathic care to eliminate premenstrual syndromes.

  • Difficult Periods: Difficult periods can involve heavy bleeding and severe pain. With our treatment of hormonal disorders, you don’t have to live with the pain or consider pelvic surgery.

  • Fertility: Naturopathic care and treatment of hormonal disorders is a wise choice for those experiencing fertility problems. We will work to prepare your body to carry a baby to term and eliminate risk factors in your life by maximizing nutrition, detoxifying the body, and naturally addressing cycle issues and hormonal disorders.

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