At Cornerstone Wellness we are happy to welcome first-time chiropractic patients!  New patients often
arrive frustrated, having tried other treatment methods and not found relief from their pain or
discomfort.  Chiropractic takes a systemic approach to care, meaning the whole body and the body’s
ability to heal itself are considered in every case. This is why your initial consultation and assessment
with a chiropractor is especially important.  We will work to understand your goals for treatment, and
take a very detailed record of your current condition using a physical exam and sometimes x-rays.  From
there, we form a treatment plan to target any issues and improve overall health.

What surprises most new patients is that chiropractic does not incorporate drugs as part of treatment.
Chiropractic focuses on treating the root cause of any pain, rather than masking symptoms with
medication.  Whether you are in serious pain or looking to restore your body’s natural balance, we
welcome you to experience chiropractic treatment and find the relief you’re looking for.

To learn more about the services we provide, visit www.cswellnesscenter.comfor more information. To
schedule an appointment with Dr. Clay Warren D.C. at Cornerstone Wellness
Center in Mesa, AZ, call 480-832-5777.