Tailbone injuries can cause a lot of pain. At the Cornerstone Wellness Center, we believe the body has a great capacity for self-healing, but patients often need safe, minimally invasive pain relief in the meantime. We offer several ways of improving patient’s comfort, but to feel more confident in their treatment, it is helpful for patients to understand more about the tailbone.

The tailbone, or coccyx, is a structure at the base of the spine made up of several small, fused vertebrae. It hangs between the pelvic bones, supported by muscles and ligaments. Bruising in this area could be the result of a single traumatic injury, such as can occur during childbirth, or from wear-and-tear due to activities such as horseback riding and cycling. Misalignments or swelling in this part of the body can put pressure on the sciatic nerve, resulting in pain or numbness in a leg, sexual dysfunction, and incontinence.

Our doctors will want to conduct manual examinations and imaging tests to determine the exact nature of the problem. Depending on whether the bone itself if fractured or if the soft tissues surrounding it are bruised, treatments may include adjustments, cold laser, anti-inflammatory injections, and physical therapy to strengthen or relax the pelvic floor.

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Tailbone Injuries

You can experience inflammation and irritation that can cause even more pain and discomfort. Chiropractic is one of the best treatments you can seek if you should sustain a tailbone injury. … They can also offer exercises and a stretching regimen that may help, as well as ice therapy to help soothe the irritated tissues.