Chronic Condition

Are Chronic Infections Stopping You?

With chronic infections the pathogenic microbes that caused the infection can stay hidden from our immune system and persist for years. Over time, our health diminishes. Most people think infections are something we get over quickly. “I have a cold” or “I have a stomach bug.” These usually are acute chronic infection (short-term) illnesses having a distinct beginning and end.

Oftentimes symptoms are negligible if any at all. Some typical ones may include post-nasal drip related to a chronic sinus condition, or dizziness and/or slight hearing impairment related to a chronic ear infection. Others might take the form of a sensitive tooth, itchy areas of the body, or hoarseness related to a chronic bronchial or other respiratory infection.

With the presence of improper bacteria or a parasite infestation such as E.coli in the intestinal tract, the only symptoms may include a little bloating, gas, or stomach discomfort. The body has the ability to isolate infections so that they do not cause direct symptoms or appear in routine blood or other types of testing. Because of this phenomenon many patients are left unaware of the presence of a chronic infection. Generally speaking, chronic infections often require a different approach than acute ones.

In naturopathic practices like Cornerstone Wellness, patients are encouraged to strengthen the entire body in an effort to prevent and successfully handle these infections. Even in some cases which are not often attributed to infection, patients have seen vast improvements in their overall health when their immune system is strengthened.

While it may seem that healing from chronic infection is a challenge, it is not impossible, and Cornerstone Wellness Center is here to help!  Our providers have worked with many patients to establish an individualized, comprehensive, and naturopathic plan to improve their immune systems.

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