Treating Arthralgia

Arthralgia is the medical term used to describe the joint pain. It is the symptom, not the cause. For example, arthritis is a common cause of joint pain and we need to manage arthritis to relieve the arthralgia. Arthralgia treatments are available at our Cornerstone Wellness Clinic in Mesa.

Joint pain can be mild, causing some soreness when you move a joint. Or it can be severe, making it impossible to use your joint. The causes for these aches and pains are many, and they are complex. Therefore, managing arthralgia depends on the cause.

While arthritis is a leading cause of arthralgia, it is by no means the only one. To emphasize this, here are a few of the causes: Nutrient deficiencies/ insufficiencies, Muscle strains, Bursitis, dislocation, Fibromyalgia, Gout, underactive thyroid, Lupus, Osteoarthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Psoriatic arthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Rickets, Sarcoidosis, sprains, and tendonitis.

The severity of arthralgia is varied and ranges from degenerative and destructive processes, such as sports injuries and osteoarthritis, to inflammation of tissues surrounding the joints, such as with bursitis. However, these might also be triggered by other things, such as vaccinations or infections.

For an accurate diagnosis, we listen to you and perform physical exams. We ask questions intended to narrow the number of potential causes. And given the nature and variation of these possible causes, some questions may seem irrelevant, but believe it or not, they are important. We may ask you, for example, about a history of seizures, rashes, light sensitivity or dry mouth. Your answers limit the number of possible causes and guide us toward the appropriate exams.

In naturopathic medicine, we look for natural ways to manage pain. In our world, relieving the pain without addressing the cause is counterproductive. A whole body, a lifestyle-impacting approach is used; it can include clinical nutrition, herbal medicines, homeopathy, and exercise.

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