When Is Allergy Testing Appropriate?


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allergy testing

. Many people who don’t know they have allergies or haven’t specified what they are allergic to never realize how much they will feel better after receiving an allergy test. It’s drastic, like night and day. You should consider getting an allergy test when your immune system overreacts to a particular substance that could have been inhaled, touched or eaten.

Your immune system is responsible for how your body will defend itself against unknown allergens. For example, if you are allergic to pollen, the immune system will identify the pollen as an invader when it enters the body. The allergic response is your immune system overreacting, by producing more antibodies. They then travel to your cells and release a chemical response, causing an allergic reaction. A reaction can be classified as sneezing, sniffling or an extreme reaction called anaphylaxis, that could be life threatening.

To be sure on which allergens are responsible for your symptoms, we advise you to get an allergy test. We combine this test with a physical examination, and an extensive look at your medical history to give you a precise diagnosis on what you are and aren’t allergic to.

Different allergens bother different people. Regardless of the type of allergy test, you will be in good hands at Cornerstone Wellness. We will first perform a physical examination then proceed to ask questions about the symptoms you are experiencing to determine if allergy testing is warranted or necessary.

We provide a blood test, so your results are determined accurately and efficiently. Once we receive your results, we start creating your plan to a better, allergy free and overall more happy you!

By visiting our office, expect an accurate diagnosis, a personalized treatment plan that works and take-home educational information to help you manage your allergies and ultimately feel better.


allergy testing
  • Respiratory Symptoms: itchy eyes, nose or throat; nasal congestion, runny nose, watery eyes, chest congestion, cough or wheezing.
  • Skin Symptoms: itchiness or eczema.
  • Abdominal Symptoms: continuous vomiting, cramping and diarrhea after eating a particular kind of food.

  • Severe reactions to insect stings or bug bites.

  • Anaphylaxis: The most serious allergic reaction that affects multiple parts of the body at the same exact time.

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